_Interpret-action: the art of participate

Art is not an object. Art is an experience some objects provoke in the very present of the subject who perceive them.

What we see is the past, all sensations belong in the past… Only the action is present, the spectator should create their own artistic event, take part in the piece so that it can be inserted into their absolute present.

My sculptures or installations are made to be used as tools, or scenes where an interpretative action can be developed completely in the exact moment and place in which they happen.


Nice to meet you
Shake my hand, 1993
Icarus, 1992
Igloo, 1992
Uncertainty Principle
Self-Portrait, 1993
You can’t get into, 1993
Sculpture Gallery
Comprehension Artifact, 1994
Angels Buit III, 1997
Snow White, 1998
You can get into, 1998
Lying in state, 1999
Time Mask, 1999
Art that tickles when clapping
Flamenco, 2002.
Icarus, 2004