_Observatori 2003

4º International Festival of Art Investigation of Valencia.

EL ESPÍRITU DE LAS MÁQUINAS · The Spirit of the Machines

Qin Yufen. China · Ximo Lizana, Spain · Alfredo Garcia Revuelta, Spain · Pierrick Sorin, France · Franz John, Germany · Cuco Suarez, Spain · Javier Blanco, Spain · The Human Collective, Spain · César Martínez, Mexico

This exhibition presents the work of various artists who create works with mechanisms, machines, robots, automatons, peripherals and interfaces; with the intention of showing that beyond artificial life, or its purely mechanical and kinetic simulation, exist the real conscience that animates their creations. Dir. Blanco Añó and Pistolo Eliza.

Snow White: Interactive Installation. Javier Blanco, 1998

“As Snow White, the work of art remains dead or asleep  needs the love or comprehension of the viewer, to come back to life.”  INTERPRETACTION. Javier Blanco, 1999

Observatori 2003. Javier Blanco, Snow White 1999.
Observatori 2003. Catalog